Hoops And Chunky Chains

Hoops And Chunky Chains

Hoops and chunky chains have made a comeback in full force last year, but are they going to stay on trend in 2021?

The answer is: yes! 

Reinvented Hoops

This year the hoops come reinvented in a variety of styles, in addition to the traditional plain ones. We will see varied platings, different textures, stones and a mash-up of classic and contemporary models: like 80’s style hoops, croissant hoops, etc.

This classic jewellery will be a key piece to your collection because they are easy to harmonize, powerful and elegant. We will also see many twisted designs, asymmetrical or geometric shapes, and double hoops. There is definitely one for you out there!

Another trend will be the mix of medium and small hoops for a modern look. This style is for those who have a second ear piercing, or in case you don't, you can add an ear cuff besides your hoop instead.

Chunky Chains

The chunky chain trend started to reappear last year for people with a more contemporary style. We started then to see several variations of this piece, going from romantic to elegant styles. This year they come in larger sizes, bolder, and with the option to add pendants to it. A real statement piece for any outfit.

These chains will lift a simple look without much effort. For a greater impact, bet on a mix of thick chains of varied sizes to form a cascade. They combine well with a straight or V neckline and also with turtlenecks. You will definitely love some of these trends!

Tell us which one is your favourite!

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