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Motivation To Work At Home

Getting ready for the office every day used to be a part of our daily routine. For some people, it was a chance to start the day with some creativity and to build looks that increase confidence.

Nowadays, most of us are working or studying at home, and one of the biggest challenges has been in striking the right balance to be dressed comfortably while still looking presentable to participate in online meetings. Finding the right earrings and necklaces to stand out at these meetings can give you some motivation. Why? They frame your face and lift your look as well as your confidence. Remember that you can always freshen up any look with some jewellery and accessories!

We know sometimes it is hard to feel inspired and to take the PJ’s when we are always at home. Getting dressed to work not only makes you feel more confident but also more productive because it signals to you that you are in work mode. The same works for studying or when you put some gym gear to get into the mood of exercising. 

Some options to lift your look in online meetings: 

  • Mix of chains;
  • Pendants;
  • Spotlight necklaces;
  • Colourful stones;
  • Medium/large earrings and no necklace.

Let us know what look helps you getting into work mode!

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