Magic cloth. The essential item for taking good care of your jewellery!

The Magic Cloth

Magic cloth. The essential item for taking good care of your jewellery!

You bought high-quality semi-precious jewels with a lovely shine. The plating has a vigorous tone. You've been using the piece frequently and carefully storing it in your jewellery box. But one day… you looked at it and noticed that your favourite piece has lost some of its shine.

Has it happened to you? Well, it is not unusual, but we will help you to bring back the shine to your pieces!

If you have already ordered from us, you certainly received with your purchase a small, but very important item. This item aims to keep your jewellery shiny & bright!

We are talking about jewellery cloth!

Using a cleaning cloth to preserve your plated jewellery is something that should be done quite often. The main function of the cloth is to remove the dust and the dirt that accumulates on the surface of the jewellery. 

The cleaning procedure is very easy, all you need to do is pick up the piece you want to clean and rub the entire surface with the cloth. You will be surprised how much dirt can accumulate without you noticing.

Note: it is possible to clean your jewellery and recover some of the shine that has faded. However, this process will remove the dirt, but not recover the plating that faded away from the jewellery (this happens with time, environmental factors, etc - check our Jewellery care page for more information)

Now, give some time to your jewellery!


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